Bitboy Refuses to Attend Court Over $1B FTX Case

• Bitboy, a prominent crypto influencer, has been named in a $1 billion lawsuit against allegedly sponsored FTX promoters.
• Despite being served with an April 12 court order to appear and address the harassment claims, the influencer has no intentions of showing up for the hearing.
• Bitboy is now considering launching a countersuit for defamation in the case.

Bitboy Named in $1B FTX Case

Bitboy was recently named in a $1 billion lawsuit against allegedly sponsored FTX promoters. The United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida issued an April 12 court summons for the influencer to appear and address allegations of harassment made by plaintiff lawyers.

Bitboy Refusing to Appear at Court Hearing

Despite being served with the order, Bitboy has refused to show up at the hearing. He has taken to Twitter to verbally abuse plaintiff lawyers and even threatened them over email and voicemail. Despite criticism from several members of the crypto community, he is still adamant about not showing up in court.

Crypto Community Reacts

The crypto Twitter community have reacted strongly to Bitboy’s refusal to appear before court. Some have suggested that he risks being charged with contempt if he doesn’t comply with the court order while others have poked holes in his defense when he denied promoting FTT or FTX exchange on his platform earlier.

Bitboy Considering Countersuit

In response, Bitboy announced plans to launch a countersuit for defamation in relation to this case. It remains unclear at this point how much legal ground he stands on but it appears that he is determined not back down from this fight.


It will be interesting to see how this situation progresses as both parties look set for a long legal battle ahead of them Regardless of who comes out on top, one thing remains clear: Bad behaviour online carries real-world consequences and should not be taken lightly by those involved or observing from afar

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