Crypto Currency Facts That Could Solve Bitcoins Problems

Dash starts where others left off. No currency can function without trust. This applies in particular to digital currencies such as Bitcoin. Today more and more places, also outside the Internet, accept Bitcoin as means of payment and through platforms like there are also secure market places available for the purchase and trade of virtual coins. But with all the success and confidence in Bitcoin Code the system still has some drawbacks over traditional cash payment. In addition to sometimes long confirmation times for transactions, Bitcoin, contrary to other views, unfortunately lacks anonymity. Mining is now only worthwhile with cost-intensive hardware. This is where the alternative digital currencies, which are summarized under the term Altcoin, become interesting.

What is Dash and what makes this currency so special?
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These is a Bitcoin Code alternative

These alternative coins try to start where Bitcoin „stops“. One of the most promising Altcoin offerings is Dash. This Altcoin is the acronym for „Digital Cash“ and tries to be just that, digital cash with all its advantages. Dash is not necessarily to be regarded as a substitute for Bitcoin Code, but rather as a useful addition. On the one hand, Dash Mining is currently still worthwhile and on the other hand, the PrivateSend and InstandSend functions offer the possibility of anonymous transactions and real-time transfer. Two features that distinguish conventional cash and are painfully lacking in previous digital solutions. So it’s worth taking a closer look at Dash, also with regard to the course:

What is Dash and what makes this currency so special?
Dash started in 2014 originally under the name Darkcoin and was later renamed in XCoin. Since March 2015, the system has had its final name. Dash is an open source, so-called peer-to-peer crypto currency, which allows anonymous transactions to be executed in real time through the PrivateSend and InstantSend services. „Like Bitcoin, Digital Cash operates completely decentralized by governments and their monetary systems as a so-called DAO (decentralized anonymous organization).


A decentralized, anonymous organization, sometimes also referred to as decentralized anonymous cooperation, is based on so-called smart contracts. Smart Contracts are basically computer protocols that make it possible on the one hand to verify or enforce negotiations and contracts and on the other hand to map the logical structure of these contracts for the user. Smart contracts are structured in such a way that their rules are self-executing and enforceable simply by using these systems. Smart Contracts thus enjoy greater security and lower transaction costs for the conclusion of contracts compared to traditional contract law.

Dash crypto currency blockchain
Since a financial transaction is nothing more than a contract, digital crypto currencies such as Bitcon or Altcoins are systems of intelligent contracts. Each financial transaction follows the program rules of a DAO and is stored in a digital journal, the blockchain. This blockchain is a long, chain-like file consisting of sections, the blocks, in which a large number of individual transactions are combined. This chain is structured in such a way that each individual block must first be confirmed decentrally by the entire network and then provided with a digital signature, the HASH. This process protects the individual blocks and thus the entire block chain from manipulation. For example, if an attacker were to change a single block, he would have to change not only the block itself, but also the block’s digital signature attached to it. However, this is almost impossible for an individual user. The attacker could only achieve this by connecting the network, in which his change would have to be confirmed. In case of a one-sided change of the block by a user almost impossible. This security mechanism of the blockchain is called „proof-of-work“ in computer science. A proof-of-work network also prevents misuse of system services, e.g. through spam, by asking the service user for something in return, usually computing time for his computer. This will be important in dash mining, which is still to be read.

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