Factom Coin- How does Factom work?

Today, the work of all blockchains depends in one way or another on the interaction between the users of a crypto currency – in one way or another, which requires a certain degree of trust and involves risks that can lead to financial loss. Factom Coin (FCT) makes it unnecessary to trust anyone – the developers of the system present a unique audit that is characterized by its invariance, accuracy and high security checks.

In the past, users were confronted with problems of information protection, long synchronizations and the inability to verify the reliability of data. Today, the Factom Crypto Currency (FCT) is a product that contributes to solving these problems by presenting an innovative onlinebetrug.net/en approach to working with the blockchain. If the bitcoin ecosystem is considered the most reliable for storing and operating crypto currencies, it does not mean that your funds are completely protected.

The system itself was not hacked, but fraud with the individual accounts of the users was still possible with a clever hack. The Altcoin and its ecosystem allow companies and organizations to access the platform without having to deal directly with the crypto currency.

In this article we describe what the Factom Crypto Currency (FCT) is, how users use the
Factom Wallet and the price forecast for the token itself. And much more!

Factom Coin – Who is behind the crypto currency?
Fact/om first appeared in September 2015, its developers are Peter Kirby and Paul Snow. Their goal was to expand the capabilities of the blockchain to store and process information. The problem, according to the developers, was the standard block in a block-chain system that could not contain more than 1 megabyte of information.

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Factom Coin advantages and disadvantages
Fact/om was developed to solve this problem by using sidechains that generate the so-called information layer. The task of the information layer is to create the necessary hash code that links the original block with all added additions. The size of the block is not limited. This makes it possible to maintain the network structure, improving storage and data transfer capabilities.

The crypto currency itself allows to solve these shortcomings of Bitcoin, which is associated with its slowness, the complexity of mining and the problems in the execution of transactions.

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