G-Dragon Drops NFT Collection: Own a Piece of K-Pop History!

• K-Pop icon G-Dragon is releasing an NFT collection featuring original paintings.
• The collection will be released on OpenSea and deliver unique benefits to holders such as exclusive merchandise and access to G-Dragon’s latest album.
• This release is likely in anticipation of the artist’s upcoming album scheduled for release in 2023.

K-Pop Legend G-Dragon Debuts NFT Collection

K-pop icon G-dragon is releasing an NFT collection featuring his original paintings. The NFT collection, titled Archive of PEACEMINUSONE, will be released on OpenSea on March 21st and reward holders with unique gifts and access to exclusive merchandise, games, and more.

Delivering Originality

G-Dragon exhibits a refreshing take on NFTs by breaking down his original paintings into collectible puzzle pieces on the BNB smart chain. Additionally, there are plans to release two similar collections after this launch.

Incentives for Owners

NFT owners can look forward to various incentives such as gifts from G-Dragon’s fashion line PEACEMINUSONE, exclusive merchandise donning their owner’s NFT, early access to ticket sales for G-Dragon’s concerts, special access to products from PEACEMINUSONE, and more.

Why You Should Care

G-Dragon is one of the most popular K-pop icons in the world renowned for his style and musical talent. His fans are eagerly awaiting this new offering from their idol as a way of connecting with him even further through Web3 technology. Furthermore, many other stars have established themselves in Web3 technology showing that K-Pop has fully embraced these innovations.

Anticipating Upcoming Album

The artist shared earlier this year that he is working on an album scheduled to release in 2023 after years of silence making the incentive even more desirable for fans looking forward to new music from G Dragon himself!

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