Unlock Your True Potential: Polygon Co-Founder Launches Web3 Fellowship Program

• Polygon co-founder Sandeep Nailwal has launched a new web3 fellowship program, investing $50,000 in ten individuals for a year.
• The program offers entrepreneurs funds and other benefits such as weekly mentorship, tools to connect with top founders and investors, and the ability to raise funding.
• Nailwal said he’s investing his personal capital and wants to bring as many founders into web3 as possible.

Polygon Co-Founder Launches Web3 Fellowship Program

Polygon co-founder Sandeep Nailwal has announced the launch of his new web3 fellowship program. This program is funded from his personal capital and will provide $50,000 for ten individuals over the course of one year. The goal is to bring the brightest minds to the blockchain industry.

What Does The Fellowship Offer?

The Nailwal Fellowship will offer more than just financial support: recipients of the fellowship will also receive mentorship from Symbolic Capital each week, access to tools for connecting with top founders and investors, and the chance to raise funding should they choose to start a company as a result of their work in the fellowship. Additionally, Sandeep hopes that this opportunity will help fellows overcome any obstacles that are preventing them from achieving their potentials.

Sandeep’s Inspiration

Sandeep shared that he come from an impoverished background and was raised by a day labourer who migrated in search of better opportunities for his family; due to this upbringing it was difficult for him at times to pursue his dreams. He created this fellowship with hopes of giving others like himself an equal opportunity at success by providing them with both financial resources and beneficial connections within their industry.

Benefits Of Joining The Fellowship

By joining Nailwal’s Web3 Fellowship program participants can find themselves surrounded by like-minded people who have similar aspirations; they can use these connections as well as valuable advice provided by experienced mentors in order to unlock their full potentials within the blockchain industry. In addition they can receive up $50K in investment funds which could be used towards starting or developing businesses within this space.


Overall, Sandeep appears determined on bringing more innovators into web3 technology through his new Web3 Fellowship programmme – offering not only funding but also mentoring opportunities and access to key figures within the industry – enabling those interested in building successful businesses within this sector greater chances at success than ever before!

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